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I have spent the last few weeks contemplating the future of this blog and ultimately the direction of my life.

As an outlet this blog has been indispensable for me. It really wasn’t so much what I published that you saw here as it was what was never seen by anyone but me. It was those posts, the more personal ones, that made me spend hours writing and revising and writing some more. Finding my freedom within myself that I am unable to find anywhere else.

July 4th stands for freedom for many Americans.

It is also the day Henry David Thoreau – whom I named my son after – began his walk of freedom that culminated in the essays published in Walden.

It is also the day my grandfather took his own life; finding his own freedom.

So this July 4th, 2011 I have decided to try to find my own, here. In order to do so I have taken it all down to allow for a fresh start.

Some of what I wrote will likely resurface rewritten, but most is no long relevant and will remain removed and forgotten.

It is the experience of writing that allows me to continue growing.

To find my own special freedom.

It is that experience that I must continue to nurture.

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